September 8, 2022

Automechanika Frankfurt 2022: A Complete Guide on What to Expect

Even though Automechanika Frankfurt is one of the world’s leading trade shows for the automotive industry, it remains perpetually overlooked. The reason is that the fair takes place once every two years in September, which is considered the off-peak season for most industry events.

In addition to this, the event is confined to just 15,000 visitors per day with limited media exposure and no big car manufacturers as official partners. However, all of these factors are what make this fair so special! It allows German car manufacturers and suppliers to exhibit their latest innovations directly to potential investors from around the globe without having to compete with other car-related events in parallel months. With more than 1,000 exhibitors from more than 80 countries spanning the entire auto value chain from raw materials through production and maintenance up to financing services and mobility services – covering everything related to cars – there’s simply no other event on earth that provides as much insight into the future of automobiles as Automechanika Frankfurt!

All you need to know about Automechanika Frankfurt

The Automechanika exhibition has been taking place in Frankfurt every two years since 1955. Today, it is held at the Messe Frankfurt exhibition grounds and is the world’s leading trade show for the automotive industry. The first exhibition was held during the early days of the Wirtschaftswunder, or “economic miracle,” when Germany’s post-war automotive industry was gaining significant ground on other European nations. The next event, Automechanika Frankfurt 2022, will take place from 13-17 September.

What to expect at Automechanika Frankfurt 2022

The next edition of the event is set to be the biggest yet. It is expected to have a projected 100,000 square meters of exhibition floor space and more than 1,000 exhibitors from around the globe. Moreover, the event will be expanded from three to five days. In addition, the opening hours will be extended from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. to allow visitors more time to explore the show. The visitor numbers are expected to double to around 30,000 each day. Most visitors to the auto show are purchasing managers, engineers, or other personnel with decision-making powers within the industry, making it one of the most significant networking events for the automotive sector. At Automechanika Frankfurt 2022, around 40 per cent of visitors are expected to come from abroad, a significant increase from the current 30 per cent.

Which brands to look out for?

Beyond the numbers, the most interesting aspect of the show will be a handful of significant debuts and innovations. These will set the tone for the industry in the years to come. Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect at Automechanika Frankfurt 2022: Audi: Audi will use the event to showcase its latest innovations in “electromobility”, including the world’s first electric passenger van. The car manufacturer will also introduce its first Level 3 autonomous vehicle, the A74. The A74 is one of the few Levels 3 vehicles that can be driven hands-free on long stretches of highway. BMW: With a large portion of the show dedicated to mobility and services, BMW will highlight its next-generation business model dubbed “Next Mobility”. Among other exhibits, the company will display a concept vehicle developed in collaboration with the Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motors, showcasing cutting-edge mobility services, such as autonomous driving, car-sharing, and ride-hailing, as well as infrastructure projects.

Which technologies will be most prominent?

Electrification: With more and more car manufacturers committing to full electrification in the coming years, the automotive industry will take a giant leap towards a future of electric mobility. Automechanika Frankfurt 2022 will be a critical step in this journey, with car manufacturers expected to showcase their latest electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, and services. Connectivity and Artificial Intelligence: In the age of digital transformation, the automotive industry is experiencing a massive shift towards more innovative business models and technologies. Connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and the Internet of Things are some of the key technologies enabling the transformation.

Our participation

As one of the most prominent suppliers of top-quality vehicle parts in Germany, and to expand their operations in West African and Middle Eastern countries, A&K Autoteile GmbH and other partners have exhibited at Automechanika several times in the last few years. Because of the epidemic, the largest international aftermarket trade show has been missing since 2018. It will be a much-anticipated event to reconnect and network with partners on September 13-17, 2022 in Frankfurt. It has always been a reliable way to build customer trust by exhibiting our latest products and innovative technology at automechanika. Additionally, you'll gain an understanding of market trends by attending this exhibition. Over the past few years, we have brought back a lot of customer feedback and we’re eager to hear more from you this year, so we can use it as fuel to improve the next product.   

What's so great about Automechanika Frankfurt?

Here are Michael Johannes' top three reasons for joining Messe Frankfurt.

1- You'll meet the decision-makers at Automechanika. "7 out of 10 visitors are from top management, making it worthwhile to attend the show in Frankfurt" he explained.

2- Browse the latest applications for the innovation awards

3- Internationality of the show. " 58% of the exhibitors are coming from abroad"

Come around and meet our experts at our booth #Hall 6.0, Booth E85 to find out more about our wide selection of top quality auto parts and services! Feel free to ask any question you have and our specialists will be happy to answer them! We are happy to have you!  

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