December 3, 2020

Deutschöl extends its Motor Oil range.

Deutschöl, a leading supplier of premium automotive lubricants, announced the extension of its motor oil range.

Deutschöl handles the unique demands of millions of vehicles on the road today all across the globe. Extending its commitment to supply products and services for vehicles of the future, Deutschöl develops motor oil for all kinds of vehicles. Deutschöl’s motor oil products will meet the latest industry standards and will be supplied in all Eurasia and the MENA region, covering most models currently in use, including common vehicles manufactured by European and Asian applications. "Innovation is in our DNA, so we are constantly striving to develop new products and formulations that meet future consumer demand," said Ali Korri, Deutschöl CEO. "No matter your vehicle type, Deutschöl supplies premium products to help keep it running efficiently and guarantee the best possible performance."

hybrid engines require specialized product innovation 

Hybrid vehicle trends show consistent market growth. A March 2019 Market Research Future report revealed that the global hybrid vehicle market is expected to have a 9 percent compound annual growth rate through 2023. Hybrid engines share many similarities with traditional engines, but they also have unique challenges that fluids and lubricants must work to address. These include a hybrid engine's constant engine start and stop, which can prevent warm up and peak performance. Low engine operating temperatures can create excess water vapor that dissolves into the oil resulting in sludge, corrosion and motor oil breakdown that can negatively impact fuel economy and engine life. "Deutschöl's pursuit of new solutions to new problems challenges our unique in-house Deutschöl Engine Lab to create flexible formulas that are proven to extend engine life," said Ali Korri. "Deutschöl Hybrid Vehicle Full Synthetic motor oil contains a special blend of additives and superior antioxidants to provide the ultimate protection for hybrid engines."

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